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As debut 'novelist' it's of course great to receive (positive) comments from readers:

"Hi Karin. 
I was really busy when it arrived, but I thought I'd open it up and read the first page, just to check it out. 20 pages later I couldn't put the thing down. 
Seriously, I really think its great."
Mike Perk, WorldWideCreative (Kent)

"Hi Karin
Started reading your novel again - I like the way you've done it - the humour etc. The content is good and the book flows well."
Richard Calderwood, Waring & Partners (Kent)

"Hi Karin
I haven’t had time to read much the last couple of weeks. However, I sat in bed last Sunday morning reading your book and I couldn’t put it down. Its one of those “just another chapter “ books. The way in which you describe the characters in your book, gives the reader the impression they know them already. 
Very interesting, witty reading so far."
Claire Potter, Amorim Benelux (Tholen, The Netherlands)

The Kiss Business: The "Keep It Simple Sweetheart" principle in business

Please feel free to send me your comments also, they will be much appreciated, always.

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