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The KISS principle: The traditional expansion of this acronym is Keep It Simple Stupid. 
One of the all time great acronyms, and so true. A motto and reminder that simplicity works - in communications, design, philosophy, relationships, decision-making, meetings, management and life generally. Apply and promote KISS to any situation to deter unnecessary complication, excuses, bureaucracy, red-tape and management bullshit, and to encourage no-nonsense communications, integrity, truth, beauty, and honesty. 
At Wood You Like we apply and promote the KISS principle in all areas of our business.

But "Stupid" is a negative word and doesn't entice positive outcomes or changes. 
Hence the "Sweetheart" version, much sweeter, but of course.

In "The Kiss Business" novel it features many times, sometimes for vary obvious reasons, but most times to enhance the fact that:
"Yes, being in business, either starting-up or trying - having - to grow, is both exciting and scary; all and all it really isn't rocket science."

Most things in life ARE simple, as long (or as soon) as you know or learn the skills, the rules, the basics or the idea behind it. 
That, in fact, is what my story covers (albeit in a novel form):

  • Like why (business) workshops should be interactive and not just a lecture filled with cliché solutions (clichés most times only suitable for specific kinds of businesses - nine times out of ten not yours).

  • Or why your accountant should be adding more than just the numbers (with that I don't mean adding more hours to their invoices!).

  • Why raising your sales-price with a small percentage has much more positive effect on your break-even point than (trying to) reduce fixed costs, especially when you are already working as cost-effective as possible. And why you should leave price-wars to Supermarkets and Electrical Retailers.

  • Or why networking (everywhere, anytime) is an effective and simple way to make yourself and your company known to the widest possible selection of other businesses or domestic customers.

  • Why looking first at the possible gain a marketing decision or investment could bring you is a much more positive (and fun) way to do business than always  looking first at the extra costs it will bring with it (and how to calculate when it's a 'risk' worthwhile to take). And positive actions will bring positive reactions, trust me on this.

  • Or why and how you can turn specialist into mentors and add to "the ever increasing circle in the pond of goodwill" yourself.

  • Why Marketing, PR and Branding should never confuse you but should become an integrated intuitive day-to-day principle.

  • Or why just by asking around, problems (small and large) can be solved. 
    It's as simple as that.

And many, many more simple and practical ideas we ourselves have implemented over the years to successfully start and grow our business.
our journey and/or read what others think of 'our travels'.

The Kiss Business, The Keep It Simple Sweetheart principle filled with practical business advice








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