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There are various reasons for reading "The Kiss Business":

  • You are thinking of 'go-it-alone' or want/need to grow your existing business and you would like to read how others have travelled this route;

  • You have read so many technical books/leaflets on starting-up or growing your business you just long for a leisure read (and still might learn a trick or two);

  • You enjoy reading about other businesses;

  • You just enjoy reading.

Whatever your reason, ordering your copy is very simple:
Buy the paperback version online (click on the Tie-logo below) and the next secure PayPal pages
(no PayPal account necessary, credit and debit cards accepted) will guide you through the ordering and payment process. 

Or drop by at our showroom: Wood You Like, Brenchley Mews - School Road, Charing Kent TN27 0JW to buy your copy. 

Or download the E-book version.

We like to keep it simple (but of course).


For ordering your paperback copy:  

The Kiss Business, The "Keep It Simple Sweetheart" principle in business
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For ordering your E-book copy:

The Kiss Business, The "Keep it Simple Sweetheart" principle in business 
Visit the 1 Plus 1 Makes 3 Ecommerce Product & Services page


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